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JM Crossroad, S.L.

dedicated to art since 2010

Opening and Early Success

In 2010, Mari Prete opened her first photography studio in Cologne (Germany) under the name "Unical Photography". In addition to individual artistic photo shoots, she also offered product photography and advertising design. However, the focus of her interest was always on the artistic and she experimented with different styles. The first exhibition of her artistic work in Cologne in 2012 already brought her a solid circle of followers and lovers of her art. Shortly thereafter, she withdrew from public life for family reasons.

Artistic Comeback

She returned in 2017 with a new exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland. The exhibition, titled "The Life", revealed the evolution of Mari Prete's artistic style and presented a well-curated selection from her Flower Portrait, Street and Food series.

Business Expansion and Online Presence

From the growing circle of private collectors who showed great interest in her art, an offer was finally made by a German distribution company ("Der Leuchtturm Vertriebs- und Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH") to distribute her works under exclusive license. Her first trademark "Mari Prete Photography" was registered and her first online store was set up, as well as further editions that made her art accessible to a wider audience.

Philosophy and Branding

Mari Prete's personal realization of the power and significance of art, beauty, and loving togetherness for all people is captured in her motto: "Love, art and beauty will save the world! -What else?" -a profound statement that not only reflects her core beliefs, but also anticipates the thought-provoking question "What else?" with which the slogan is signed. This powerful phrase has since become the cornerstone of her brand, symbolizing her commitment to these ideals as her guiding slogan.

Founding of JM Crossroad S.L.

Driven by the desire to make art accessible to everyone and to offer the best possible service around her work, she finally decided to take everything into her own hands and founded the company "JM Crossroad S.L." in Spain at the beginning of 2023, which as a family business and owner of the brand "Mari Prete FineArt" offers all services around her art internationally from one source. In this company, the basic idea of the company founded in 2010 lives on, so that she does not see "JM Crossroad S.L." as a start-up, but as a continuation and further development of her artistic career.

Future Plans and Commitment

People can expect many more wonderful changes under Mari Prete FineArt as there are big plans for the coming years. As a passionate team at "JM Crossroad S.L." and around Mari Prete, we share her vision and desire to make the world a more loving, artistic and beautiful place. After all, this world is our home. We do our best every day to offer you all Mari Prete's special view of our world, manifested in her artwork, in the best possible quality and with the best possible service.

Contact and Customer Service

We are here for you in all matters related to Mari Prete's art. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to hear from you.




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