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From Inspiration to Artwork

An artwork consists of many details and individual work steps. The most important, of course, is the motif. If the motif is not convincing, no opulent frame will help. But choosing the right finish to match the motif is an art in itself.
The artwork itself is ultimately the sum of all the parts.

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For a motif to develop its full impact and radiance, it needs the right medium on which to be printed.
The longevity and durability of a paper are also crucial for the artwork to remain unchanged for many decades.
There are many different printing methods, and even more different papers.

Here we reveal all about the printing methods and papers used by Mari Prete for her artworks.

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The finish is the refinement of the printed motif for optimum protection, durability and presentation.
In this step, the presentation method is chosen to ensure that the motif can be hung in a form-stable manner and is protected from external influences for a lifetime.
There are various methods and techniques to achieve that.

Here we reveal all about the refinement techniques used by Mari Prete for her artworks.

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Framing is the final touch to complete the masterpiece. Besides the presentation variant without framing, there are countless frame variants and possibilities to frame the work of art. The decision on the materials used, the size of the frame, the ornamentation, all this ultimately has an enormous effect on the presence of the work in the room.

Here we reveal all about the frames used by Mari Prete for her artworks.

Classical Photo Papers

When it comes to preventing halftone in photo prints, no printing technique is better than classic exposure on light-sensitive photo paper. Motifs by Mari Prete on classic photographic papers represent the traditional, the "classic" photographic art. These papers are exposed with state-of-the-art lasers and then developed in the traditional way. The photographic papers used meet the highest standards of colour fidelity, contrast and, above all, durability.


Fuji Crystal DP II

Fuji Crystal DP II is Fujicolor's high-quality photo paper for gallery prints and the minimum requirement for Mari Prete's works. If no extra functions are required, this photo paper (220 g/m²) is developed with an extremely wide colour spectrum. The manufacturer promises at least 75 years of colour stability for this paper. The combination of state-of-the-art laser technology, traditional photochemical development and the renowned high-end paper from Fujicolor guarantee the best possible quality of the photo print of Mari Prete's motifs.

Fuji Crystal DP Maxima

Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima Paper was made for ultraHD Photo Prints. But even without particularly detailed motifs, this paper is an advantage for almost every work of art. The double resolution gives any motif more saturation, stronger colours, clearer edge markings and contrast. One of Mari Prete's most used papers.

  • Over 10% more maximum density for deeper black with finer details
  • 21% more color space volume for more vivid and saturated colors
  • Markedly improved light resistance for longer-lasting luminosity

  • Fuji Crystal Pearl

    The incredible benefits of the ultraHD paper "Fuji Crystal DP Maxima" are extended even further with the Pearl. The Fuji Crystal Pearl paper is also an ultraHD paper, but with an additional special effect.This unique paper gives the motifs a fine pearlescent, metallic mica / gloss effect with intense warmth and depth.
    A premium silver halide photo paper for best in class ultra HD metallic photo prints. Exposed with state of the art lasers and developed like a classic photo paper.
    Responds vividly to different light settings, but may appear slightly darker than classic papers when not directly illuminated.

    FineArt Pigment Prints

    Solvent-free inkjet printing is a proven printing technology from the field of fine art. The brilliant colours are produced by the pigment particles suspended in the liquid ink. In order for these to unfold their effect optimally, also a specially developed paper is required. The use of fine art paper adds a textural depth to the print, giving it a more painterly, tactile quality.

    Acrylic FineArt Print

    The acrylic fine art pigment print is a giclee print that is laminated under acrylic glass. For this a special paper is used with best color reproduction properties, but without texture.

    Although this paper is suitable for all sizes, Mari Prete uses it almost exclusively for large format prints, for which there is no classic photo paper available.

    Master Print

    The "Master Print" is a fine art print developed by the multi-award winning photo lab Whitewall, which allows up to 5 metres to be printed seamlessly in fine art quality and then laminated under acrylic glass. For this, Whitewall has developed its own paper, which is best suited for this purpose. Some of Mari Prete's motifs are available in very small editions of 2 to 5 pieces in sizes of approx. 360 cm x 240 cm, which are produced using this process, the "Master Print". A masterpiece for large halls and an overwhelming impact.

    Hahnemühle "William Turner"

    Hahnemühle William Turner is a traditional mould-made watercolour paper with a coating that is ideal for FineArt applications. The white cotton paper does not contain optical brighteners and is characterised by its unique tactile feel and surface texture. The fine yet highly pronounced felt structure of the genuine mould-made paper gives photographs and art reproductions a striking depth and three-dimensional effect. The premium matt inkjet coating guarantees excellent print results with outstanding reproduction of colour and detail, impressive contrasts and deep blacks. William Turner is acid- and lignin-free and meets the most exacting requirements in terms of age resistance.

  • 100% cotton
  • White, without optical brighteners
  • Fine yet highly pronounced felt structure
  • Matt premium inkjet coating for outstanding print results
  • Acid- and lignin-free
  • ISO 9706 conform / museum quality for highest age resistance
  • Compatible with pigment and dye inkjet systems

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    Acrylic Print

    The motif is face mounted airtight under acrylic glass with gallery silicone and laminated as a real photo or as a premium fineart print on an aluminum composite panel. Acrylic facemounted photo print laminated on

  • 3mm aluminium composite panel
  • sealed with gallery silicone under
  • 2mm acrylic glass, glossy
  • Chromaluxe HD Print

    The motif is face mounted airtight under acrylic glass with gallery silicone and laminated as a real photo or as a premium fineart print on an aluminum composite panel. Acrylic facemounted photo print laminated on

  • 3mm aluminium composite panel
  • sealed with gallery silicone under
  • 2mm acrylic glass, glossy

  • Aluminium Frames

    The solid aluminum frames selected by Mari Prete for her artworks guarantee maximum dimensional stability and durability. They are modern, minimalist and enclose the motif with crisp lines. The used aluminum frames emphasize the effect of the motif with a subtle elegance and determination. Aluminum frames with a large depth (e.g. 50 mm) can give the motif an additional sculptural character and strengthen its presence in the room without being obtrusive.


    ArtBox Aluminium

    The "ArtBox" glazed aluminum frame is a modern and elegant floating frame with a shadow gap of 4 mm. The frame transforms the motif into a sculptural, eye-catching object. With two frame depths of 25 mm or 50 mm offered for the larger sizes, you can even choose according to the desired sculptural effect. The front view is subtly elegant. A contemporary gallery frame. Available and also used by Mari Prete in black.

    Wooden Frames

    Wooden picture frames have been around for centuries and are probably the most traditional form of picture framing. The classic frame made of wood grants stability and a more natural look. A bridge between classic elegance and modern appearance.

    Wooden ArtBox

    The wooden ArtBox frames the motif with a subtle profile width of 4mm when viewed from the front, but shows an impressive depth when viewed from the side: 35mm to be exact. The solid wood gives the image a natural look and a sculptural feel due to it's depth.

    The frame is available depending on motif and edition in: brown alder, black oak, natural oak, white maple and walnut

    Floater Frame Basel

    The shadow gap frame or floater frame is a standard for picture framing at art fairs, exhibitions and professional use. The frame "Basel" is a classic gallery floater frame made of wood. With a shadow gap of 7mm, the motif levitates sublimely within the elegant solid wood frame. This gives the motif a unique presence underlining its expressivness. You can choose between a 15mm or 31mm profile width.
    A modern frame that is elegant, powerful and decent the same time. With its timeless design, this frame draws attention to the subject and at the same time emphasizes its presence in the room.

    Gallery Frame Hamburg

    Straightforward and classically timeless: the gallery frame made of solid wood. With its profile width of 20 mm, the gallery frame "Hamburg" already makes a visible statement. Without shadow gap, it encloses the picture directly and clearly distinguishes it from its surroundings. Depending on the motif and edition, different colors of this frame are offered, which, if chosen correctly, will integrate the motif seamlessly into your own interior.
    This frame is suitable for framing acrylic mounted pictures or motifs with passe-partouts. In the passe-partout version, the photo is protected with a glass. For this purpose only high quality museum glass is used, which has virtually no reflections.

    "Hamburg" Design Edition - Besau Marguerre

    Colorful and extravagant, a design piece by Whitewall in collaboration with designers from the multiple award-winning studio Besau-Marguerre. The classic gallery frame Hamburg is completely rethought and impresses in an elegant and extravagant color scheme. The solid wood frame remains 20mm wide, and can be used for acrylic mounted images as well as for passe-partout mounted motifs. The frames are available in three editions in yellow, purple and green and are available for selection in the store depending on the motif and edition. The special feature of this frame is that each frame consists of four different colored strips from the corresponding color world of its color edition.

    Acrylic Frames


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