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Techniques such as photography or printmaking in particular revolutionized art many years ago because they allow artists to create multiple identical versions of the same work. But even if these works of art are not unique, they are still considered originals - and can be just as important to artists as their one-of-a-kind pieces.

With limited editions, the number of works produced is fixed from the start and is carefully selected by the artist prior to production. No more can be produced once they are all sold. At the time of realization of each work of a limited edition, they are marked with the edition number, serial number and date of production. This guarantees stability of value and even appreciation to the buyers of the artworks. The size of an edition never changes.

Why limited editions?

There are many advantages and arguments that can explain the decision to offer a work of art in limited or open edition. However, in addition to the market reasons that are usually cited, many artistic considerations actually come first. Whether a work is reproduced many times and sold affordably or offered in a strictly limited edition at a higher price often makes no decisive financial difference to the artist. In most cases, multiple sales at lower prices may even be more profitable than a strict limited edition. But that's not what matters, at least in Mari Prete's case.

A work of art is something like a part of the artist himself and has a very special value for its creator. In order to preserve the purity of an undiscussed, unviewed work in the eyes of the artist, many artists also choose not to publish works at all, or to publish them only after a very long time. The decision to publish a work in a limited edition and the amount of the limitation itself, or the decision to publish a work in an open edition, is as much a part of Mari Prete's artistic creation as the creation of the artwork itself. This decision arises from the inspirational and artistic approach and may thus sometimes be less comprehensible to third parties than the classic monetary motivation.

What is the limit?

While there were about 3 billion people in the world in 1960, this number has more than doubled by 2023. It is estimated that there are more than 8 billion people in the world today. This means that the number of (potential) collectors is also much larger than it was a few decades ago. Because of the huge shift in demand and a constant supply, prices for small editions would have to increase tremendously over time. But to ensure that art does not simply disappear into the collections of a few wealthy people, Mari Prete always strives to maintain a good balance between edition size and selling price.

In what size are the artworks available?

Every subject lives, looks and shines differently in every size, and Mari Prete wants to show this difference through his choice of sizes. Just as we stand in awe and admiration in front of huge trees, the smallest details of a flower, the details of which are barely visible to the naked eye, are also amazing and admirable. Among other things, Mari Prete also wants to show the viewer this interplay of big things on small formats and vice versa of macro shots in large formats. Most of Mari Prete's motifs are perfectly suited for large formats of over 3 m edge length. For galleries, museums, and spacious homes, large formats are advantageous because they allow the motif to show its full impact even in large spaces. To meet the needs of collectors who do not have these spatial possibilities, Mari Prete always offers a selection of sizes appropriate to the work/motif. However, the size selection is not primarily based on the needs of potential buyers but is made in an interplay with the effect of the motif.

The Authenticity

When purchasing a work from a limited edition, authenticity is of utmost importance, especially since a large percentage of the selling price is based on the guaranteed rarity of the work. Even in the case of an unauthorized reproduction, provided it is well done, the motif does not lose any of its radiance, but who would like to pay the price of a genuine edition for a fake? To confirm the authenticity of their artwork, artists sign their work. This is difficult or even impossible with photos and especially with photos mounted under acrylic glass.

The certificate of authenticity

In order to be able to prove the authenticity of the artworks of Mari Prete in the long term, you will receive a so-called "Certificate of Authenticity" for each work from a limited edition. On this you will find not only all the important data about the artwork, but also the original signature of the artist. All certificates of authenticity are personally signed by the artist. The certificate of authenticity is printed on a special security paper and is also provided with a uniquely assigned and stamped registration number, which is registered in our database together with the current edition number of the artwork when it is sold. On the back of the artwork itself is a special hologram sticker with its own number, readable only under UV light, which is guaranteed to have been assigned only once and is also noted on the certificate of authenticity. In contrast to conventional methods, the number of the certificate and the sticker are not identical. This further increases security. But this triple protection (certificate, sticker and registration) is not enough for Mari Prete; both the certificate and the sticker are additionally prepared with a special technology, which makes it possible to confirm or exclude the authenticity of the certificate and the sticker and the origin of both with absolute certainty. If for any reason you wish to sell your artwork by Mari Prete at auction, for example, you or the auctioneer can contact us and we can easily and quickly verify and confirm the authenticity of your work. This reliable proof may also be necessary for the inclusion of your work in your insurance policy.





Premium Open Editions

More Custom Options
Smaller Sizes


What is an Open Edition?

An Open Edition is a reproduction of a work of art that can be produced and sold in an unlimited quantity. In the realm of fineart, open editions have emerged as a way to make art more accessible and affordable to a wider audience.

Why is it called "Premium"?

Open editions are always about achieving a more affordable price for the buyers. Since it is very costly to produce large formats, the open editions include smaller formats than the limited edition. Mari Prete always strives to give the best quality to the buyers of her artworks and therefore her Premium Open Editions are not reproductions of works from the limited series, but specially selected originals, produced in the same museum quality as the artworks from the Limited Edition. They are real works of art in museum quality. That is premium!
Only expensive frame variants or more expensive exclusive refinements from the limited edition are dispensed with. In return, the customer receives a greater selection of customization options than is available in the Limited Editions.

Differences to the Limited Edition?

  • No limitation in number of copies
  • No large sizes available
  • Multiple and smaller sizes available
  • Larger frame and finish selection to customize the artwork
  • No certificate of authenticity and not signed by the artist.

  • In the realm of fine art, open editions have emerged as a way to make art more accessible and affordable to a wider audience. Open fine art editions offer a gateway into the world of artistic expression, allowing individuals to enjoy and own beautiful reproductions of original artworks.


    Premium Open Editions

    Discover unlimited beauty and exciting framing options.




    Premium Open Editions

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