Since 1934, Fujifilm has played a decisive role in photography, and especially in colour photography.

Despite digitalisation and the introduction of smartphone photography, Fujifilm has been able to survive and even continues to grow in various sectors.

Fujifilm has always stood for outstanding quality and still does today.

The majority of Mari Prete's motifs are developed exclusively on Fujifilm's best papers, guaranteeing you an outstanding and long-lasting Mari Prete masterpiece.

"My Love" by Mari Prete on Fuji Paper

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Maxima


This silver halide colour paper, the "Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper – Maxima", so the full name,  offers an exceptional increase in image permanence, designed for consistency and outstanding longevity of image, colour and look. Fuji calls it it’s "ideal photo paper for exhibitions and gallery settings".
Specially designed for outstanding high-end prints, and to highlight sophisticated works in gallery and museum with the latest technological breakthrough always pursuing a distinctive appearance.
That is why Mari Prete also uses this "ultra high definition" paper as the standard for her outstanding portfolio of artworks..

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Pearl

Fujifilm calls it its "most glamorous paper": "Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper", so the full name. This silver halide colour paper is truly stunning:
PEARL paper contains a very special component: pearly mica crystals. Based on the natural mica, they are covered with a thin layer of metal oxides, as for example, titanium dioxide. Through an interplay of transparency, refraction, coating and multiple reflections, one can discern silver-white and metallic reflection effects. These lend pictures such an intense warmth and depth that they become a true sensation for the viewer.
Given this unique high-gloss effect and stunning, iridescent touch the expressive motifs from Mari Prete just demonstrate their glamorous, luxurious, and almost magical character.
With the right lighting, the motifs on this paper react very differently than you would expect it from a classic photo, they really seem to shine by themselves.
Mari Prete loves this paper and has a wide selection of limited edition artworks specially selected for this exclusive finish.

"My Love" by Mari Prete on Fuji Paper

"Good Times" by Mari Prete on Fuji Paper

Fujicolor Crystal Archive DPII

The Fujicolor "Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII", so the full name, was exclusively created for professional use.

This silver halide colour paper offers the widest colour gamut, maximum density for deep blacks and excellent colour saturation.

As a professional photographer and artist, Mari Prete demands professional results. Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII  lets her artworks come to life in bold colours and expressive vibrancy to underline the emotional intensity and radiance of her motifs.


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